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#1 Marketing Platform with Our Services

When you subscribe to the Cajun Pipeline Marketing Platform, you unlock an exceptional opportunity with Brady Consulting Membership.

Normally, Brady Consulting members enjoy a discount of 20% on marketing services. However, for our Cajun Pipeline Professional Plan subscribers, we're offering a 30% discount on all marketing services. Increase your savings and amplify your marketing game today. Join and experience unparalleled savings and service.

What do you get?

Our Solution

Your Business

A Marketing Platform - even one as good as Cajun Pipeline - requires marketing expertise to promote your business and create new leads.


Web Site Design

Let us create and host your web site right on Cajun Platform. Prefer Wordpress? We support that too.


Professional Copywriting

The right words attract clients. It's that simple. Let our professional copywriters create your site copy, email campaigns, and much more.


Social Media Management

Consistency and messaging are the keys to successfully promoting your business on social media. Let us help you get there.


Business Optimization & Coaching

Don't drain your bank account on marketing tools and expensive hourly consulting fees. Use our marketing platform and subscription-based services to help keep you on budget.

What is Brady Consulting Membership?

Our membership program offers a whopping 30% discount for any member of our program on all our services, including:

  • Web Site Design

  • Copywriting Services

  • Social Media Management

  • Business Optimization & Coaching

A 3-month commitment is required to subscribe to our discounted services (paid up front). Subsequent payments are made monthly.

Savings is Just the Beginning...

Members get a 30% savings on all services. However, that is not all! Members also get free access to:

  • Paid Courses

  • Private Group Access

  • Member-only Webinars and Livestreams

Marketing is expensive, but it doesn't have to be...

Act now to get 30% savings on all our services. This is a limited-time offer at this discount. So, if your business is struggling to get customers, let us help.

  • Expertly Designed SMS Text Marketing

  • Professional Copy Writing for Your Site and Email Campaigns

  • Business Coaching to Help You Streamline Your Operations and Diminish Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Membership Discount Apply to Cajun Pipeline?

No. The membership discount only applies to services listed on this page in the section, "What is Brady Consulting Membership".

Does the Membership Expire?

The membership does not expire. However, the membership may be cancelled after the initial 3-month commitment or for non-payment.

Can I Cancel the Membership?

Yes. After the initial 3-month commitment, you can cancel at any time.

Can I Get a Refund on the Membership?

The membership is not refundable. You can cancel at any time after the initial 3-month commitment that is applied towards your first project with us. However, we do not provide partial refunds or credits.

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